Reduce your worker’s compensation claims and lawsuits due to any injury from spills.

Workers compensation claims and legal fees often exceed the amount of shrink losses that occur annually in some companies. To address this, Novus Products Company, LLC has spent years working with a worldwide retailer developing a comprehensive slip and fall prevention program that is in use in that retailer’s stores today. This program includes not only the products to use for cleaning up spills very quickly and efficiently, but also provides the tools to use to help eliminate accidents and resulting costs.

For other companies that want to reduce these costs, an employee training program must be initiated and the proper products and tools must be made available to them for a successful implementation of a slip and fall prevention program. Where do you begin? We believe we have the answer for you.

It begins with SafeGard Absorbent™. It works very quickly and effectively on all types of liquid spills. SafeGard Absorbent™ is not bio-degradable, and therefore may be disposed of in a landfill (unless handled through other disposal methods). The proper tools needed to manage these spills are also available. These include a squeegee and a lobby dustpan that have been specifically engineered for spill cleanup applications.

Novus products include a variety of options that allow the flexibility to custom design a spill station that can be placed in central locations to fit your needs and applications. One of our sales consultants will be more than happy to help you determine how we can best serve your needs.

Other options available to help implement and maintain the program include the production of a training video for your company employees. We can produce the training video for you, or work with your staff members to produce an “in-house” training video. Details of this option are available upon request. Novus also operates an optional call center service to follow up with new user locations to determine, and aid in, the effectiveness of implementing the new slip and fall prevention program and to support the on-going program.

New products now available only through Novus Products Company include one of the hottest items in the slip and fall prevention safety area; a 16-inch expandable Pocket Cone that fits easily in a uniform or vest pocket. This Pocket Cone can be quickly placed in service when a spill is spotted, leaving little to chance for a customer or employee to slip or fall as a result of a liquid (or sometimes dry) spill. The financial obligation or damages from any slip and fall claim is greatly reduced if a spill area can be marked when it is initially spotted.

Another new tool now available through Novus is the SafeGard Absorbent™ Cleanup Pad. This 4 x 8-inch pad can easily be kept in the pocket of a vest or smock or stored at some central location or checkout stand for immediate use. Each pad will absorb up to 12 ounces of a water-based spill quickly. The clean up pad is much more cost effective than paper towels and the waste costs associated with their use.

Novus Products Company has product lines specifically designed and tested for use in retail and commercial operations. Our product lines are constantly evolving to meet the specific needs of our customers through new and innovative products, as well as, a continuous effort to improve the functionality and application of our current products. There is little doubt your company could realize significant financial savings almost immediately by implementing a comprehensive slip and fall prevention program today.