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We supply innovative safety products to help you keep your customers and employees safe, as well as quickly mark and clean up spills to reduce and manage clean up. With our slip and fall prevention safety program you can reduce your worker’s compensation claims and lawsuits due to any injury from spills. When a spill occurs, we make it easy for your employees to mark the spill with our pocket wet floor sign, then quickly clean up the spill with our pocket cleanup pads. We can help you by designing a Spill Station Center that houses the necessary Novus safety products, such as our SafeGard Absorbent ™ , SafeGardAbsorbent ™ Clean Up Pads, Smart Broom, & Lobby Dustpan in convenient locations for easy access to aid immediate and effective spill containment.

Novus safety products are great for a variety of uses in retail stores, janitorial and custodial companies, schools, hotels, restaurants, theme parks, and hospitals, as well as automotive/trucking centers or maintenance areas.

Novus Products also features floor markers that warn of Children at Play, which are ideal for day care centers and schools or for residential use.

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Novus Products Company has product lines specifically designed and tested for use in retail and commercial operations. Our product lines are constantly evolving to meet the specific needs of our customers through new and innovative products, as well as, a continuous effort to improve the functionality and application of our current products. There is little doubt your company could realize significant financial savings almost immediately by implementing a comprehensive slip and fall prevention program today.

Novus products include a variety of options that allow the flexibility to custom design a spill station that can be placed in central locations to fit your needs and applications. One of our sales consultants will be more than happy to help you determine how we can best serve your needs.

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