Novus Products has Been Keeping You Safe

Founded in Rogers, Arkansas, Novus Products Company developed a very successful multi-purpose absorbent (SafeGard™), and the patented “pocket style” wet floor marker. These safety products form the basis for a comprehensive slip and fall safety prevention program that is very useful in any type of businesses in any industry.

We supply innovative safety products to help you keep your customers and employees safe when a spill occurs. By this development we have proven a comprehensive workplace safety program that helps prevent slip and fall lawsuits and worker’s compensation claims. We can help you implement a safety program that can be designed for your specific needs.

Novus Products Company is committed to the development of safety products that promote a greener, cleaner sustainable environment by using recycled post consumer materials in our products that meet EPA requirements and are safe for disposal in land-fills.

For more information about our safety products, please complete the contact form, or call us toll free: (866) 998-7865, or email us at customerservice@novusproducts.com



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